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    Comments such as "And also not to annoy Tara anymore." <-- Are to be encouraged with the 'Troll' reaction, especially when they provoke a comment from the agent named. 'Obvious' is for failed attempts. 'Grumbles' are for appearances of genuine anger. Together, 'Troll', 'Obvious' and 'Grumbles' make up the three troll reactions. Troll attracts positive karma and is like 'Sex' and 'Lulz' in terms of karma points. 'Obvious' is neutral in terms of karma points. 'Grumbles' is like 'Hex' in terms of karma points, except that if a single comment gets 5 grumble reactions, it gets an award of positive karma. A risky karma strategy. There are also badges awarded for comments that generate 5 reactions of the same type.

    Anyway, trolls are nature spirits, so wholely appropriate to this discussion. Just like mushrooms... ;)~

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    I seriously hope you're kidding now Aariel... Ever since Anton and I stopped arguing about meaning of New Age this forum missed a proper agent fight ❤

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    Lol I got a troll label. I dont know should I feel honored. But I didnt mean to sound like a troll. :)

    Anton you always have interesting informations about lots of different subjects. My romantic view of ancient cultures comes from Mckenna. But I guess he was relying more on his fantasy than facts.

    Forgive me Tara. :)

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    Do you sometimes wish you were part of a tribe living in nature? I do love technology and comforts of the modern life, but sometimes I wish I could live more simply, away from over-populated areas and all the noise and work. Just hunt, gather and spend most of the day lazily listening to the sounds of nature. Or maybe be a shaman and consume psychedelics as much as I want.

    Last month I was overly into scientific, technological and futuristic mood so I decided to turn my mind into different gnosis and write something in contrast. And also not to annoy Tara anymore. :)


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