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  • Carroll wants to banish you

    Ha, ha ha!!! What a silly, bitter man! Maybe people still hitchhike in rural Scotland because foreigners are not perceived as a threat here as much as down in England heh? :D

    I definitely feel more welcome here than down south. My best pagan/magick friends in here come from Germany, France, Wales (born in Iran) England and Scotland. Lady running local magick shop comes from Australia. Bristol in England might be much more cosmopolitan city than Inverness but most magicians at the local moot in Bristol were English. I prefer mixed origins and attitudes.

    Sad thing about guys like Carroll is that they cry over lost past. We're here to stay and we do not give a fuck if some old farts do not like it. It will be better for him to simply accept reality. Ah, and he admits he votes out of fear! Another sign of weak mind in my opinion. He clearly fights another lost battle.

    Pete! These days if you're say you're English you will be arrested and thrown in jail!

    Awesome comedy sketch from Steward Lee (30 mins well spent) sums it all up:

  • Back to the primitive

    aariel wrote: »
    Do you sometimes wish you were part of a tribe living in nature? I do love technology and comforts of the modern life, but sometimes I wish I could live more simply, away from over-populated areas and all the noise and work. Just hunt, gather and spend most of the day lazily listening to the sounds of nature. Or maybe be a shaman and consume psychedelics as much as I want.

    I feel like I am a part of a tribe living in nature. Herbs and fruits grow in my garden and I forage regularly in the nearby forest. Since I live in a suburb just 5 mins from the forest I hear very little traffic and see no adverts most of the time. At the same time I spend hours in front of my computer and working with technology. I do not consider them as separate.

    The whole nature vs technology thing really gets on my nerves. I see technology as an essential component of nature and evolution. People to often equate technology with military-industrial complex, capitalism, pollution, global warming and other ills of civilisation. These side effects come from our screwed and immature mindsets and not the desire to improve our life and environment. The same screwed mindset would have been devastating to human societies during the hunter-gatherer phase or any other one for that matter.

    I find it completely impossible to comprehend when magicians get stuck on the use of technology in ritual for example. I do not mind someone with strong preference for outdoor rituals and magick focused on plants and animals etc. I do a lot of it myself. I find it equally exciting to explore electronic gadgets and how they can enhance/create magick. I find many people seem resistant to the idea. I love experimenting with audio and video and my dream is to one day design 'art installation' magickal space. Perhaps Festival 23 would be a good opportunity to do that...

    I think that nature vs technology attitude actually comes from religion. In mainstream Christianity human is a master of nature who owns it all and his superiority is granted to him by virtue of his soul. At the same time he has to serve god and be obedient to him. Technology has been demonized as man attempt to become equal to or greater than god. I remember reading that in ancient times priests condemned use of fabric dyes. They said that god didn't create purple sheep and to wear purple clothing was an offence to him. In the eyes of those ancient priests even the most eco conscious hippie would be a devil worshipper.