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Maybe we should just delete this board?

It looks a little odd here really and isn't used.


  • Which board do you mean Anton? Dork! there is one that keeps catching mi eye, but never has anything there, maybe you should start it off?... i am sure that it'll take off once it's 'sparked'. I don't know enough to do it but I'm sure it'll be of much use.

  • I mean this 'Deutsche' (German language) board. It seems to have no active threads, but I need Zeitl0ch to verify...

  • Oh... I see. Sorri Anton, I was looking at a different catagory..probably on the home-page. funny that! tho', My eldest son has suddenly become very intent on learning German, he can almost have a conversation.. in little over a week!

  • Oh! Me to verify! I kept quiet because I wasn't sure and so fascinated by other stuff in and outside of this site. You think it looks odd? OK, I see. If we had these boards for every or the most important languages, it wouldn't look odd. Is there a potential in it? The potential would be making the German occult internet better. Because that's in a desolate state. I would just keep it even if it looks odd, if it's not a matter of lack of server capacity. Which leads me to a definite "not sure" which is something considered less weak in German than some other languages.

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