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KIA Illuminated Adepts

For various reasons I have replaced the word 'Kaotic' in KIA with 'KIA'. This now means that the acronym KIA stands for KIA Illuminated Adepts and is a recursive acronym, giving a nod to such anarchic techie types as the bods at GNU (which stands for GNU's Not Unix) and other famous recursive acronyms.Those who wish to refer to themselves as 'Kaotic Illuminated Adepts' may of course still do so, but I have now reduced this to a sub-movement of KIA as a whole.My reasons for doing this are many fold. First up, when KIA started, it included the term 'Kaotic' in reference to the fact that it was intended to be a Chaos Magic order, since that is what its founders were interested in at the time. Since then KIA has grown and expanded and many members have never considered themselves to be a chaos magician in the first place, and others, such as myself, have begun to feel that the 'Chaos' movement has become too restrictive and that its time to move on. On the other hand, other members still are into chaos in various ways, and it is not my intention to exclude them, just to widen the scope of what KIA can be.KIA cannot and should not, be an organisation of purists. With this in mind I hope to welcome all non-dogmatic sorcerers, magicians and practitioners of witchcraft, regardless of their chosen ritual expression and mode of practise. I hope you are all with me on this move, and agree that its a change for the better, reflecting what KIA has become, rather than what it once was...

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