Killers teaching Ischyros in Awareness

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I am thinking of restructuring the Introductions board in the members area. At the moment there is an introduction board, with sub-boards for each continent (Oceania, Eurasia, North America, South America, Africa, Antartica). Each of these sub-boards then has a sub-board for each country within.My plan is to rearrange things so that each country is a first level sub forum. The reason is that forums deeper than one level don't have their posts show up on the front page, ie they don't trigger the 'new' icon or appear in the 'last post' box.There are two ways I can go about this, and I'd appreciate feedbackption 1: Do away with the continents and just move all countries up to level one.Option 2: Create a separate intros board for each continent, with the countries level one sub forum of the appropriate continent top level board. Along with this, could move the 'Training Archive', 'Waffle-Waffle' and 'Crackle-Crackle' boards into KIA Triangle, and make KIA Circle exclusively the intro boards.


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