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Twitter integration...

One of the tools enabled on kiamagic.com is the wire, which theoretically limits your posts to 140 characters, like SMS messages, and twitter. Although there is a simple hack that VIRAL discovered that allows you to post more than this, you won't want to if you want your kiamagic.com wire posts to automatically send to your twitter.

To set it up so that your wire posts end up on twitter, you must first configure the 'Twitter Service' tool in your settings.

To do this: 1. Click on 'Settings' in the top menu from the Network. 2. Click on 'Configure your tools' from the left side menu. 3. Enter your Twitter username and password. 4. Select 'Yes' for your kiamagic.com wire posts to be sent to twitter. 5. Press save.

Make a wire post, and watch it magically appear on Twitter!

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