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I'm thinking I can host some websites on kia subdomains if anyone is interested. For a small fee, maybe $10 set up, plus $2 per month thereafter. FTP access for flat file html sites. Wordpress sites can be available for an additional $15 set up, plus $2.50 per month (extra $0.50 to cover database usage). Wordpress would come with a KIAMagic.com theme be default: such as this sample one on KIABot's demo blog, although you could always mod this, or upload a different one via ftp. I've also released it on GPL license, so I'll make it available for download somewhere.

Other CMS sites are available, but I'd have to work out an adhoc fee for configuring them. The more you can do yourself the better.

Anyone interested in this?


  • yes, am interested )

  • It sounds like a good service you have there. If anyone has web design skills and would want the impossible, completely free hosting, no ads, linux based and with cpanel and fantastico support (server based auto-install for free software like Wordpress, Drupal and so forth), I found a good option.

    The catch is you have shallow limits for bandwidth and server space (They gave 350 MB of disk space and 100 GB data transfer for free hosting at the time I set up my sample site). The business plan of this ISP is that you'll use the free space and once you understand how reliable their service is you'll pay them modestly for paid hosting when you require more bandwidth and server space, and even if that never happens, you'll promote them as a web host provider to others.

    About 2 years ago I was working as the webdesigner/graphic artist/printer for nyctshirtfactory.com.llc. When I was working there we were selling t-shirts designed by artists and giving the artists a 15% cut of the sale price of any t-shirt design by them that sold.

    As the webmaster I decided it would be a good idea to extend to participating artists web hosting. We could have used our own servers, but being a smart ass I realized we might get better SEO benefit if the back links were from another server.

    All that explanation explains what you'll find at this url: http://kitschcore.net63.net/ It's a free website I used to promote free websites to participating artists. The site has been online for about 2years, it's everything I could possibly ask for in free hosting, it kicks ass!

    I just checked the hosting for the site again and they increased the server space to 1500mg of server space, still 100 gb of bandwidth. If you just want to sign up for free hosting click here.

  • For a while now, you have been able to create free yoursite.kiamagic.com sites provided all you want is a wordpress powered blog. FTP file access is actually more complicated and not something I'd be willing to set up for free. But if someone really wanted that, I could probably come to some arrangement.

  • You can create a blog on a kiamagic.com subdomain here: http://kiamagic.com/sites/create/

  • I have my own domain, and everything is fully built. What sort of readership does KIA get? I'd be keen to have some sort of advertising contract if there was a bit of traffic going through KIA - please let me know

  • We do not currently have advertising on KIA, although agents are free to discuss their projects in blogs and in relevant forums. The 'Orange magic' forum is a good place to solicit trade, ruled as it is by Mercury. But if what you were selling related to other colours or boards, feel free to promote them where you wish.

    That said, I will be starting a patreon campaign so other agents can share the burden of funding the KIA project with me, with various perks given to various levels of funding. I'm not entirely set on what the perks would be yet, but I had considered one of them offering a link from a 'supporters' page, that would be listed strongly in the site structure.

  • edited March 2015

    I'm actually considering a proper website of my own to promote my blogs and books (when I finish them). For some reason my Tara page doesn't seem to work anymore?? I would consider moving my blogs to my own site, so they're all in one place... Not sure what the 'logistics' are- how to do it. Hopefully we can discuss details when we meet

  • You probably need to add your new account as an administrator whilst logged in as your old account. Or @kiabot could fix that for you if you prefer.

  • For those of you with kiamagic.com subsites, I've added support for a bunch of new themes. Check them out in your sites dashboard settings, under Appearance -> Themes.

  • I have a KIA site set up by Anton for Liminal Spaces Magazine, I highly recommend this offer and even a novice such as me can use it with little hassle.

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