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this might sound like a really stupid question but: what's this Awakening event in Lancaster all about? I've had a look at the New Aeon Books site for info but there's only a list of speakers and my google-fu is bad enough that I can't anything else out about it. Is it an excuse for a get together and a bit of a piss up? Is it oh so serious and edu-ma-cational? a little from column A and a little from column B? what?yoursGenuinely curious and not a little perplexed


  • 'S not in Lancaster. 'S in Preston...Doesn't seem to be an overacing theme tho...

  • aaahhh, that probably explains why awakenig +lancaster wasn't dragging up a whole lot.I'll go and have a proper look for.

  • Would be entertaining to have a KIA contingent there...

  • Last year's offering was VERY goodVERY educational - though, the Seider craft workshop was interesting - used a different technique than i use, and produced a strange vision that, for one reason or another, i've never found anyone to discuss withPS - i've worn a really gorgeous new shirt and tie today, and come to the conclusion i look REALLY good in it!

  • Marrian Green's talk last year was quite good too - she put quite a few fluffy-wiccan types down quite nicely, though she was a bit patronising at times - still a fantastic talk (plus, i had a great conversation with her about Quidditch)

  • Is Marian Green the wonderful psychic healer woman?

  • No - wiccany-witch typeSO not what you expect in attitudesimage, yeh, she practically has a broomstick between her legs, but she was VERy nice, and VERy knowledgable!Like Nanny-Ogg, but with less fat and more teath

  • on 1141687360:
    Like Nanny-Ogg, but with less fat and more teath
    I really can't see this. I really can't imagine Marian writing 'The Joye of Food', or running around after every man she can get her hands on. Nor having hundreds of children. 'Nice' maybe, but also has a slightly annoying tendency to talk to groups of experienced magicians as if they are school children in her class. Just playing devils advocate here...

  • That's true, i supposethe counter-argument being that when she goes to a con, she doesn't know what level to pitch at, so goes for a low oneher talk on elementalism WAS a bit patronising at times, i will concede

  • cheers for the link Jaq, some interseting sounding stuff there.Another question then: is it lectures or is it more a series of workshop type deal? I only ask because for some reason I'm a little wary of workshops, probably because of innate nervousness or does Marian Green finsih by singing the hedgehog song or the one about the wizards staff having a knob on the end?

  • A mixture of bothlast year i went to a couple of talks, a couple of work-shop[s, and did the obligatory buying of over-rpiced tat that we willingly pay double for, because it's got a pentagram on it!

  • Do you think they'll have the guy with the cold iron knives? I've only caught him once in Blackpool and I couldn't afford anything then

  • He wasn't there last timeNow, i'd LOVE to be able to make my own knife - but, alas, in this age of employment-focussed NVQ's only, you can't learn weaponsmithing at your local tech college!

  • cheers loz. yet more queries to aleviate my troubled brow:would I enjoy (or at leat not hate) the workshops? bearing in mind that all I've done, really, is banishings, am I going to get anything out of it or am I going to end up trying to blag my way through it?no pressure.honest.I feel like I need a bit of a nudge and I'm sincerely wondering if this could be the catalyst that drags me away from books and towards actually doing something[/]

  • well, those who attended last year ranged from experienced magickians, teeny-witches and total beginersand, everyone found something they enjoyed!

  • well I think it's time I broke my duck, then. I'll order my ticket today.Thanks everyone.

  • on 1141663651:
    Perhaps this will help...'m doing a talk on women magicians.~ Jaq
    Hello, Jaq! Any chance of getting a copy of your talk? I am very interested, and of course, can not attend. Feather -<<<<<+

  • I've stopped writing out talks, I get lost in notes. Instead I give myself a few prompts and babble. The coherent version will be the next Capall Bann book to come out; Women of Power. Just sent them the finished manuscript yesterday so it may be a few months before it comes out.~ Jaq

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