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A new drink!

I am not just a member of KIA but also of the Solaris 53, a little art and culture club located in Dseldorf. The Solaris has got a little cafthere which is a place for all kinds of (sub)cultural activities and events or just to hang out and drink. BTW: If any one of you ever comes to Dseldorf we'd be happy to welcome you there, you can find the address at www.solaris53.de. Well, a few years ago the Solaris got large amounts of a cheap brandy as some kind of gift or somebody won it, I'm not sure. So we have all this stuff standing around in the cellar. Due to the fact that nobody is that fond of this brandy we sometimes just give it away as a free drink if anybiody feels like getting a little more drunk than you can with beer and doesn't want to invest more money on it. Yesterday night was another of the many nights I spent there with my friends. I suddenly had an idea how you could make this brandy more drinkable. The idea is you just mix the brandy with a small puddle of Tabasco. A friend of mine wanted to name this drink 'Pepper Pee' which I didn't like although it describes how it looks. Due to the fact that I invented the drink I reserved the right to name it for myself, and inspired by a weblink Anton brought to my attention I called it 'Satanic Red' which is a good way of representing its taste and general effect on the nervous system. I really enjoyed it although I had to figure later that night that larger amounts of that drink can easily be too much for your stomach, so be careful if you're trying it out. But I really liked the effect of it: After only one glass I began to talk lots of pseudomystical bullshit which I continued to do on our way to a punk gig that was already over when we arrived. So I recommend trying out the 'Satanic Red'. The amount of Tabasco you put in there is of course a matter of taste. But I must say I prefer it quite hot.Greetings,Zeitl0ch

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