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Open Music

Hi again, I'm posting this because of the recent change in the culture around here, well, I guess it was always here, but still I was kinda surprised to see things like Linux, and even Open Source Sorcery being posted around So for all of you who like open stuff, like open mind, open source, and whatever open... I bring to you Open Music, music free to be used, redistributed, but not always changed, unfortunately...First Link is my favorite: www.jamendo.com - This one contains music in a free format called OGG Vorbis (Which is superior, But you can choose the non-free format too, MP3) and there's tons of different tags for the music which you can use to search for your favorite music If anyone is aware of amarok, it will have integration with Jamendo soon (Amarok 2.0). The way Jamendo works is that you can be an artist, and if you submit the music, say someone likes your music, they can donate directly to the artist (Without even any royalties going to jamendo itself!!!!!) I guess if you make really good music and alot of music, sometimes someone starts noticing your music and will start donating all the time Second is "We are not evil" company called Magnatune reachable at: www.magnatune.com which contains MP3's first of all and if you purchase it, you can get the music in OGG Vorbis format.Those 2 are mostly the major ones, of course there's another one from just one artist that makes electronic music with Linux and applications such as ZynAddSubFX and RoseGarden and a few others, but here's the link basically: http://www.musically.me.uk/index.htmlThis is also music available at both MP3 and OGG Vorbis formats, the OGG Vorbis music may seem bigger, but if you notice, it is because the kbps/khz/etc... is bigger, and so it sounds better, too.If anyone has some contributions to make to the list, go ahead, otherwise, enjoy the music that's there

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