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SOH19 States of Nature

~ A group of physicist students have developed a special technique toconvert solar energy into a magnetic field, enabling objects to bemoved vertically upwards and downwards. ~~Eighty-eight sun cells, mounted on egg shaped floats, drift on apond of eighteen hundred square meters. They generate the electricalenergy which is converted into a magnetic field. In the middle of thepond a transparent cylinder is situated, containing a largeanthropomorphic egg shaped figure which can move freely on a reel. Themagnetic field surrounding the reel lifts the egg figure up. Duringoptimal light conditions, such as under clear skies, the electricalcurrent will increase, pushing the figure up through the magneticfield. In cloudy conditions its position will be noticeably lower. Atnight the figure will disappear under the water level altogether. Theeighty-eight objects playfully interact with the elements. They catchlight and transform it into currents, spurred on across the water bythe wind.~

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