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That unbelievable postmodern(?) channel speaking as Jim Morrison plus...

Hi all!I recently re-joined a forum about the Jane Roberts/Seth material, a channeled philosophy, maybe the first real one of this kind - the one that started channeling the way it is today. I actually find most other channeled material a bit bizarre or trivial. Some of the people on that other forum are channelingmaniacs though and they brought my attention to a person called Desteni who channels about everything you can imagine. I heard she channeled Crowley, LaVey and Hitler, for example. What I just discovered is this video of her channeling Jim Morrison: This is one of the cutest and most amusing things I've seen lately. I don't know what to say, I mean, I can imagine IF Jim Morrison would have a chance to talk to us now he would just be like that I believe. I mean, it's really funny to see that, but on the other hand what Jim(?) says here isn't stupid or trivial at all, but then again it's completely in line with a Jim Morrison clichat the same time. Whatever, I love it! Check it out!Zeitl0ch

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