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ARKadia 2009 - A Shamanarchic Eco-Pagan Conference

Host: Dionysian Underground on Facebook Type: Education - Workshop Network: Global Date: Sunday, May 10, 2009 Time: 12:00pm - 9:30pm Location: Near the Thames City/Town: London, United Kingdom Email: Dionysian_Underground @

Free Ur Mind, Free the Planet!

The Ark was the last hope for humanity in a previous ecological crisis, according to an old Hebrew myth. ARKadia is a new Ark (and not just one for old Hebrews), it calls for a new global culture of union with the fluidic spirit of nature, both without and within, in all its flows and turbulences, in order to heal the rifts between mankind and nature, as well as those parallel rifts between us and within us. To make whole.

This event is a series of talks and edutainments exploring the current problems and possible solutions within this frame, as seen from a left libertarian, eco-pagan perspective. It challenges both the culture as it is - the cause of the ecological and social mess we find ourselves in - as well as false solutions to these problems.

It is hosted by the Dionysian Underground, a loose network of radical pagan counter-culturalists who contextualise their ideals through the archetypal ecstatic energies of Dionysos (and hir cross cultural counterparts) which seek to liberate, equalise and unite all the scattered fragments of existence into a new state of being and oppose the divisive, dominator cult and its gods and idols. While having as much damn fun as possible in the process.

In practical terms we promote evolution towards the politix of non-hierarchical community consensual power sharing, total liberation and individual freedom, within a dynamic, holistic way of life that is equally healthy, sustainably hedonistic, and empathically connected, as the only solution to all our problems. Rejecting dogmatic ideologies, we fuse practical materialism and hard science (minus the techno-industrial exploitation) with magick,spiritual ideals and expanded consciousness (without the New Age bullshit!).

This year we have gathered a diverse range of speakers, presenters and performers who share this broad view, both from within the D.U. and from amongst the wider circles of the alternative society.

Come and share with us. It's fuckin fun...

The event is totally free (with optional voluntary contributions to the venue). For full details of events see posts on the wall below. The exact location will be announced one week before the day.


  • Noon Opening Ritual – Reconnecting with Nature (Inner and Outer)

    12:15 – 1:00 Evoi! Dionysos and his Ways (Theory) Speaker - Steve Ash

    Break (15 mins)

    1:15 – 2:00 Film Screenings – Footage of Dionysian Underground Activities and Related Movies (with Discussion)

    Lunch – Maenadic Munch and Sacred Sacraments (Potlach)

    2:30 – 3:15 Living in the Flow of Natural Rhythm Speaker - Jocelyn Chaplin

    Break (15 mins)

    3:30 -4:00 Playshop – 'Dionysian Energy Workings' from the Pink Fish Ensemble

    4:00 -4:45 Pagan Entheogenics Speaker - Dr David Luke

    Break (15 mins)

    5:00 - 5:45 Druidry, Anarcho-Paganism and the NWO Speaker - Steve Snakes

    Break (15 mins)

    6:00 – 6:45 Dionysia! A Liberatory Paganism (Practise) Speaker - James Butler, Oxford Univ

    6:45 - 7:15 Closing Ritual – Liberatory Rite of Death and Rebirth

    7:30 - 9:30 Music and Poetry from the Bards of Bacchus Incl : Niall McDevitt, Spacegirl, Poetreeman With possible surprise intervention from the Fool of Misrule

  • This happened on the Heath finally after the island was evicted by a commando assault.

    But was even better for it, an amazingly successful event

    Documentation -

  • This happened on the Heath finally after the island was evicted by a commando assault.

    But was even better for it, an amazingly successful event

    Documentation -

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