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Time is a Bonzai Tree

Time is a Bonzai tree
Once when I took 3 of my grandmother's GABA suppliment pills, I had an interesting and enlightening experience. This question began to irk me so, the concept of non existence, and so I began a mental debate about it. I created a game of sorts, stringing together chains of "is" and "isn't" which produced some profound perspectives. Eventually I added more words. The power of Atman brought new ideas, the power of Ahriman made me question them, and the power of Brahma gave me the focus and patience to continue the debate for hours. One of the more interesting strings was "isn't isn't isn't, isn't isn't is" One possible interpretation of this is as follows. Some people imagine time as a line, a spiral, or a river, but here is a different model. There are these things called eigenstates or, in layman's terms, possibilities. All possibilities of a place, a thing, a moment, an event etc. exist simultaneously until they are observed -- like schroedinger's cat in the box being both alive and dead at the same time. Like light is a wave when nobody is looking at it but a particle when it is observed. Where do all these possibilities go when we collapse the wave function? Somewhere "else". By this token, it is not only possible but a fact that there is a Loch Ness monster in the nearby swimming pool, that Boy George is straight, and that I am richer than the waltons. Imagine time as one possibility traveling in a short line, like a stem, then diverging into an endless number of possibilities and radiating out in a sphere. Now it looks like a dandelion with all its seeds. Each line stemming from this sphere poofs out into its own mass, eventually forming a solid mass. But it would not be like marble: weaker possibilities would be insubstantial, while stronger patterns of possibilities would be connected together, forming a fickle and fibrous structure resembling those fuzzy poofs from cottonwood trees, or perhapse many interconnected neurons. This also is the form the universe takes when viewed on a very grand scale -- fillaments, synapses, very much like the human brain. Not that the universe is a big brain, but that the brain is a little universe. But perhapse an even better model is simply a reaction, in other words a wave. Frequencies. Which strangely brings us back to the light acting as a wave of eigenstates, innumerable in subtle frequencies -- like a tuner, with closest or more probable frequencies being loudest and the more distant ones being faint. Which bings us back to the word game "isn't isn't isn't, isn't isn't is" What is not isn't necessarily not, it just isn't what is. It's something, just "something else." See, I told you that damn pink elephant was real!

[size=medium][size=large]Time is a Bonzai tree. Space is an ant farm.[/size][/size]


  • Yes, definitely, from time to time these things have to be said. If Western history of philosophy and science led to anything, than it's these insights. I had my intellectual illumination of just that sort with a book about Quantum Physics by John Gribbin, my knowledge of the Jane Roberts/Seth Metaphysics and Kierkegaard - especially "Concept of Anxiety" - and the following Existentialists, went on manically trying to explain it to everybody back then, when I fully understood it. And it is useful in magic even. You can draw a possibility closer, emotion and observation helps manifesting it.

  • @ Zeitloch: That is called "manipulating eigenstates" and there is a book about it called "Quarantine" by Greg Egan. If you read for pleasure i would recommend it. It is a well written joyride of a book.

  • Thanks, Viral! I didn't know that. I syncretised and applied the idea for myself out of what I had read, and it often worked, though not always perfectly. Good to know about the book. Maybe next time I have some money left.

  • Myself not so sure when I think about the libraries around. But I can have a look.

  • Here is a synopsis of the story, I am probably ruining it, however.

  • Here is a synopsis of the story, I am probably ruining it, however.

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