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Too weak for Postmodernism?

I struggle with Postmodernism. In my writings and artistic creations I have taken a multitude of perspectives, have insisted on not so easily settling on one. One perspective is in my new book which is not yet published. But that book concentrates on that one perspective which provides a meta-perspective for many perspectives, although it contains the claim, it is probably not THE ONE truth. And I admit, I have thoroughly enjoyed books which as single books seemed to explain everything, contained one tale of truth. Even if you later realize the tale wasn't really about everything, the feeling I get when I have read one such book that seemingly explained me everything is just pleasure. So have I settled on Existentialism, the one finished tale with its openness to different directions like natural science, art and the surreal/supernatural, and concentrated on what could be added to Existentialism since. It is one finished claim of truth, although its predecessors Nietzsche and Kierkegaard were clearly early Perspectivists. I do not appreciate totalitarian violence, but have a deep understanding for the quest for THE ONE truth. On the other hand, however convinced one can always be wrong with any plausible theory. It was a superstition driving me to write my new book. I cannot even say what it will be good for. But there were tales of truth helping me out, several told from different perspectives. And if Multiperspectiveness is one tale of truth in itself? I even feel it is a sacred one, no blasphemy allowed. Shame on me, I am not a good Postmodernist! But maybe a better one than the guru next door, the one I compete without asking for as much money or devotion. I don't see a solution to my dilemma other than maybe not taking it too seriously. For violent Postmodernism wouldn't be better than Totalitarian violence! But maybe there are perspectives to be added?

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