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Saw that Arthur C. Clarke quote at work!

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." said Arthur C. Clarke. I had not been to the local library for longer, just went there this afternoon, first time after they had remodeled the whole system from human to machine. I picked up some DVDs and then I went to one of these machines. There was a little wooden table in front of the machine. What I was supposed to do was put my DVDs in a pile on that table, then scan my library card at a laser scanner at the machine, and whooop: on the screen of the machine were listed the films I picked up. Hmm, I had just put them on the table! WTF? I left the library a bit mystified. At home I looked at the DVD packages more closely and I noticed a flat white sticker without writing on it inside. And then I googled and - as these times are - ended up demystified, because this can be nothing other than the highly controversial RFID technology. OK, on the one hand it's nice if you go to the library with your Harry Potter-obsessed kids. You can just tell them, yeah this is part of Hogwarts here, probably having no idea what is going on yourself. But, well it is RFID, which is controversial for a reason. You don't notice that transponder and the receiver can be hidden in any device. This application in a library is no big deal, but who knows what "they" (I mean like "them" from the X-Files) are gonna do with it. Whatever, you'll get some film reviews from me too soon, I guess.

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