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A spook? Conicidence? ...near a Place of Power

This thread could become a discussion of places of power, but I also wanna report a certain phenomenon here. I have several places in my reach which seem like places of power to me. Generally they all serve me to recreate, to fill up with energy and to contemplate. These places have in common that when I go there, I always come back changed, usually with a lot more perspectives in my mind. In two of the places I seem to get flashes of the future, in one more accurate ones than in the other. In one of the places there's a cafwith tables outdoors at a pond, which is mainly about energy, which like fills up my batteries. And then there's one place where I mostly get ideas and inspiration and direction. I just visted this last place once again. That's a former rocket station which has been turned into an Art centre. The whole place features an interesting combination of nature and architecture. When I go there I walk along a road through the fields and then back when I go back home. Now, I wanna mention that phenomenon. Everytime when I go back, maybe 30 metres before the village where I live begins, I encounter a younger woman moving a wheelchair with an older woman in it and they speak what sounds like Polish. They always just leave the village I am about to enter. And I cross their way always at the same spot of the road. Of course I take that walk more often in spring and summer, and thought last summer, well maybe it's their daily walk and it seemed I always arrived at that spot at about the same time, about 4 in the afternoon. Just that today I was there later and couldn't believe it happened again at exactly the same spot. By now I bet, it's gonna happen again the next time I go. I will tell you, then. And I should maybe try to go at yet another time of the day then. If this always happens to you at the same place, that's really weird, I tell you. One time last summer I saw something green in the face of the younger woman from further away. When they passed me, I saw she had a leaf on her nose!!?? They always pass me at the same spot there like it's programmed into the Matrix. Huh! But anyway, feel free to post about places of power in general here!


  • I have this giant boulder hill a little ways behind our house. It's just this little area that has no buildings and ponderosa pines surrounding it. It's located in that spot in all cities where city is slowly stretching out into suburb. I love that rock.

    I used to drop acid and crawl all over it. I spray painted my alter on that rock and it is basically the place I do all of my more intense rituals.

  • I wanted to point out another thing about that encounter. If I would just be minutes earlier or later I would of course meet them at another part of the road, given they have their fixed time for the walk. It's just I don't have a certain time for it. I basically go when I feel like. So that they always pass me at the same spot is quite unlikely, actually, but it does happen. If there's anything in metaphysics I would so easily accept as a common truth, it would be that there are places of power with certain characteristics. I sometimes have the impression places of power often have a certain guardian, a spirit entity of their own.

  • How strange you say that! I just made contact with the spirit of my power place. Her name is Afshaka. I'm looking forward to working with her in the future.

  • Good that you say that with the leaf. I think she wore sunglasses and had the leaf under it. If that's common in Poland, it makes them seem less spooky. Here in the far West of Germany it's a strange sight. Still strange that I always meet them at exactly the same spot. When the weather gets better again (snowed again, got colder) I should once go before noon. This time I was close to saying hello but they made an extra far way around me, as if to avoid that. But if you saw a strange person appearing near a place of power, it seems like a common pattern... a little like Twin Peaks actually. But I saw another strange thing near that place once, which I can hardly describe in English. There were two men between the fields next to a parked car. And on the ground there was an egg-like object looking like it was made out of marble or something similar. One man held things looking like thick drum sticks (could describe that better in German) in his hands moving them in a strange way above that egg-like thing. He said something like: "Can you see how it moves up here?" to the other man, who knelt before the egg with some electronic device in his hand. Now, that's like X-Files, right? For some reason this is actually less weird than the fact that I always pass the two women at the same spot. On that former rocket station are not only homes of artists and a museum but also a certain research institute. They research Biophotonphysics, kind of a fringe topic. If those guys are related to it, they made it look more fringy than I thought it was. That time I was close to saying something like "Hi, I'm an Esotericist, you too? What are you doing there?" But when they noticed that I watched them shortly, they stopped talking and doing what they did. Seemed like an interruption wouldn't be welcome. What it looked like was like they experimented with a thing found in a crashed UFO. LOL For performance art they wouldn't find enough audience there in the field. It's actually really weird, but I often stay completely unimpressed and go on like nothing happened when I perceive something weird. Other people would think I didn't even notice it. Then later I go: Ah, that was weird, actually!

  • Very strange story indeed. Your story about two women reminds me something that used to happen to me for a while few years ago when I still lived in Poland. One day I was walking in the city centre, I was very upset at the time. Suddenly I a cyclist crossed my way. His skin was quite dark, he was probably Indian or Arabian of some kind, what is still quite rare in Poland. He looked at me and smiled to me very friendly. I smiled back and it cheered me up. In next few weeks I saw him again and he again smiled to me. This happened good few times for next year or so. Each time I met him, he was either cycling or walking with his bike, once he was parking his bike. Each time he smiled to me, looked at me or blinked his eye. I could meet him in many different places in the city but one thing was in common- It always happened during some "important time" in my life. Once he passed me when I was sitting on the shore of the river with my new boyfriend. He looked at us and smiled as though he was pleased. Two months later I broke up with this guy and I was meeting him in the city to take back some of my stuff. When I said "buy" to him and he woke off, suddenly I saw this cyclist again. This time he looked at me with a mysterious smile as though he wanted to suggests that "life is still going on" or that "something is waiting for me there". Each time I saw him he cheered me up. I never dared talking to him because it seemed somehow ridiculous to me. However I still wonder if he was a good spirit of some kind...

  • @Zeitl0ch: At various times in my life I've lived in various different places, but often I would have routines of walking in similar places at similar times of day, and found that I started recognising certain people who were also passing those places in the opposite direction around the same times. Not too unusual, but there was one guy once who I seemed to pass in certain spot even though I would wildly alter the time I was passing by up to an hour. We would often smile and say hello. I realise this isn't quite what you are talking about, but none-the-less it reminded me of it.

    Mostly I haven't had problems with meeting people in my places of power, but then I guess I mostly chose remote, hidden spots and obscure times of night. These hidden places seem to exist even in cities. There are strange places where no-one goes, even in daylight, sometimes hauntingly beautiful places.

    @Hippi: I know what you mean about people that seem to appear in your life as a kind of spirit. The late Gerald Suster wrote an article I really enjoyed in the old 'Talking Stick' magazine, discussing the idea of 'messengers'. These are people that appear in your life at certain times, often appearing to bring you a message, often completely unconscious of the fact they are. Of course, it is entirely possible that we too bring other people messages. I often wonder what subconscious messages I bring to people I meet. But I guess it is futile trying to guess...

  • I think I avoided the place for a while. But today I started jogging again after a really long break. In the past my jogging route was somwhere else. But I decided to change it because there were always too many dogs on my old route. So I went jogging on this road my original post was about. And what? The two were there again! And today I was there much later. Makes me belief in the great mother matrix.

  • I think I avoided the place for a while. But today I started jogging again after a really long break. In the past my jogging route was somwhere else. But I decided to change it because there were always too many dogs on my old route. So I went jogging on this road my original post was about. And what? The two were there again! And today I was there much later. Makes me belief in the great mother matrix.

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