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Transhumanism and the Singularity

HI Anton

LOVE that pic lol is it you?

OK, what do you think of the 'singularity' ? I was invited to blog at this blog called transalchemy. I found out about it from watching this video where a guy who had started the site---was against transhumanism (which i am), and I did a blog and they invited me to use their bog. That guy has announced he is leaving it now cause he dont like the way it is going.

Some of the bloggers talk about a Singularity. I suppose this is the belief that as technology becomes every more exponentially advanced it goes into a...singularity. I am suspecting along with this is the 'ingral' belief in the evolution of consciousness from 'primitive' to PM etc

Just wondering what your views are on all of this?

hope your well ?




  • I also love your new blog which I am gonna follow. Your sense of freedom turns me on )))))

  • I also love your new blog which I am gonna follow. Your sense of freedom turns me on )))))

  • What do you mean by 'against transhumanism'?

    Do you mean on a personal level, you reject the idea of modifying your own body?

    Or do you mean that you think attempts by people to modify their bodies with technology should be banned?

    Or do you simply mean philosophically that you see danger in people thinking of themselves as post human or something other than human, simply because they modified their body in some way? Danger in them seeing themselves as somehow superior and apart from other humans, leading to a kind of fascistic divide of us vs them?

    I think you can agree that your original statement contains quite a lot of ambiguity with regards your meaning in that statement.

    Not sure about this singularity idea. Have you found a use for the idea? Either practically, philosophically, magically or otherwise? Does it relate to the way that more and more new devices have some form of internet connectivity and ability to connect to other devices?

    Sorry if I'm answering you more with questions than answers, but you're discussing concepts and ideas that I haven't really looked into. I like that you have, so don't get put off.

  • PS Yes that is me in the photo. It was taken in relation to a discordian group known as 'Cabal of the Holy Pretzel' or some such. This is why I am holding five pretzels. My t-shirt reads 'One by one the penguins steal my sanity'. Doreen, one of the original KIA penguins, sits on my shoulder. -

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