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Magick and Patience

"I want a perfect body. I want a perfect soul."

Radiohead - Creep

Several occult groups of today highlight the importance of patience. In their case it could even be an excuse for bureaucratic necessities. But I will do the same. I will also say, patience is super important in Magick without any bureaucracy involved here. Don't let anyone tell you, you gotta achieve this or that in an exact timeframe! And don't put yourself under pressure to do such things! You are a teenager who has just "awakened" (nobody uses that term). You think, now I know I can do Magick, next year my life will be perfect. No, sorry, possibly that's not going to happen. However when you are ten years older, I swear you will look back and see that you achieved things nobody around thought you would, and maybe you didn't even believe in yourself. One thing is just common sense: The more time a result has got to happen, the better the chances are for the result. Maybe it's true that the further in the future something is from now, the less determined it is now. A trick is to make use of that. And most of what you enchant for is going to happen sooner or later in one way or the other. You'll see most proofs of your Magick only after years. To just perceive a timeframe of three weeks, three months or a year constantly will let you miss many aspects of your Magick and its relation to this very reality we share. It's probably not that you were given the gift of making anything happen just now. Probably you will need to learn more and gain more and more skills which you will need to apply again and again during the course of your lives. And then results will come. And with every year of your life you will be more certain that you can achieve results - if you keep up a broader perspective than one on just several weeks.

I sound like a terrible smartass once more, but I got my share of experience by now. And I somehow believe that some quiet younger magicians may read this forum from time to time. It's just an info which can help whatever your approach is in regards to traditions and paradigms.

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