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A Tip

Simple: You people should try poker if you haven't. I learned it just not very long ago. And today had my first real game with real opponents and almost fully knowing the rules and all. There are even conspiracy theories about Existentialists and Mystics having a more or less unexplainable talent to win in poker. I won so hard, baby, my friends were astonished, and I'm a beginner. I think it would work for every magician who has become more or less sovereign in applying magic. I can't explain why, but what you can do can be the decisive factor in winning a poker game. It's nothing you consciously do. You need to know the rules, you need to be able to play the game, but there's some extra thing about you which will help - will do more than just help.

HOWEVER - Trying to make a living off poker still definitely seems too risky. Just to be sure, I warn you.

We play just about a few bucks here, so it hurts noone. But it's nice if you win that little pot and noone really gets why.

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