Kabbalists making Idiotic Adroanzi

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"The 'meek' shall inherit the earth"

I was thinking~dreaming this morning--I think (you lost track of time) in bed this which I thought I'd share here. I was thinking about the patterns that I am aware of. I am not about to debate history, I am just tellin yous how I feels it:

SO. You get the indigenous peoples relatively peaceful, and their rituals are earth-centred. And they get invaded by macho sky-god worshippers, on chariots pulled by horses, and weapons of destruction, and they seek to enslave the people, but they also use propaganda. So for example they will infiltrate the myths/stories of the people they've invaded with their oppressive myths----so example, their sky god will 'marry' the 'earth goddess'. Ie., then on TOP. And so it goes.

Now this pattern repeats and repeats in his-story. Invade, enslave, propaganda,

Now here we are. In America even 'heretics' will claim their freedom to bear arms (this is alien to English who dont follow a gun culture)--so as to defend themselves from........? The oppressors. But wait---picture it. So the SWAT team decide to do a house. houseowner has got a little bang bang gun. What the fuck is THAT gonna do against the potential armory of the State.....? Why they could microwave his family if they chose, and 'worst'.

SO.....in ORDER to defeat this oppressor who even has weapons of mass destruction we don't even KNOW about, he would have to accumulate the same if not better, and THAT is exactly the friggin world we are living in!!! So that is a no no. This has to be seen through for what it is. Insanity

I am not biblical, but I know the INFLUENCE/propaganda on the psyche from that book.

In the NT it claims this "the meek shall inheret the earth" "meek". Most people would feel insulted to be called meek. One of its definitions means 'submissive'. So I think it should be changed to 'sane'. The SANE shall inheret the earth. It means the ones destroying everything are insane, which they are. Not strong, bold, courageous, integral, but insane.


  • I understand a lot of what you say here. I got a very similar feeling from watching the bbc 'Human planet' series. Some societies really understand better how to work with nature, to give and take. Others just take, but strangly they are the ones who seem less happy...

  • I totally agree with your perception of some places being hellish, Zeezsh Sometimes I get this terrible feeling that all of us who live in prosperity and do nothing to help these people are partially guilty of their condition. We have so much and we are so unwilling to share it. I perfectly understand why westerners are often hated in the third world countries. For them we are like the aristocracy was for the peasants in the previous centuries- we exploit and pollute their lands, we live of their work, we let them die and starve and we don't care.

    During my trip to Morocco last year I could sense this hatred from the locals, even though their life conditions weren't that bad at all. I was constantly ripped off, surrounded by people trying to sell me things. For them I was not a "real" human, I was a rich slut from the west. Obviously they were nice and polite as they had to be in order to sell me things but I am very sensitive and I could sense their feelings, sometimes I saw hatred in their eyes, especially in women's eyes...

    I spoke to friend of mine who has been there a while ago and her feelings were similar. At the time she was unemployed but went to see her boyfriend's family in Spain. They found a bargain price flight from Spain to Marrakech and went there just for the weekend. She told me that locals were constantly harassing her to buy stuff. " You know"- she told me-"I was explaining to them that I was poor, that I lived of benefits. They didn't understand..." Well, my answer to this is following - why would they care? If an unemployed westerner can afford travelling to the foreign countries, that surely makes them even more angry.Using the word "poor" in this context is a disgrace...

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