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Here is a poem I wrote. It is about people in general. Enjoy!

Sicksicksick You drive me up a wall, so I'm saying fuck you all and in the realm of fantasy I'll have myself a ball you think that you can scare me? You're just a little prick I'll fuck you in the ass with wasabi on my dick you wanna be a movie star on rotten dot com? I'll watch them put you in the ground then knock up your mom I'm an artsy kind of guy, like Jeffrey Dahmer was put you in the woodchipper watch it shit out sausages I'm lookin' pretty good, like an evil psycho should I'll hang your manhood in my car like a rabbit's foot. I need to go to church, let's do it for the thrills deflower virgin Mary with a craftsman power drill and Jesus for good measure, you know he likes it there let's guzzle down the holy wine and strip the altar bare I need a christmas ham, so I'll wear a little wig hold up a Texaco, push the button, roast the pig you wanna see your future, you wanna see a trick? What the Hell is wrong with me? you make me sicksicksick

By the way, if this poem is too offensive, plaese delete it but don't ban me...


  • When one reads through the whole forum, one can notice that you are the third magician here (and I am included), who can get quite pissed in one way or another about people. Just very recently I got all angry and paranoid about people. Occasional violent temper is said to be even the most common vice of Tibetan lamas. There's a danger of fueling it too much and getting completely lost in it and alienated form the real situation, while one keeps affirming this is just and rational in one's own way. The 40+ subculture veterans will probably tell you the same if they are not too different from the ones I know. The gnosis where one is free from such vices is the most powerful with most control however. On the other hand disdain for how this world is can be useful for turning away from it very effectively into deepest meditation. Just afterwards you are gonna have to go on living this life in this world. OM VAJRASATTVA HUM

  • Don't worry, no ban, not even a deletion. I'd hesitate to call this a censorship free zone, because there are laws that I have to abide by as a webmaster based in the UK and with the hosting servers based in the US (less of a problem), but other than that the only things that piss me off on here are promotions of authoritarian politics, bullying and spam.

  • I forgot to say it. I like the poem. I think you are quite talented. Maybe you already have a clear grasp of it, but with my experience as a writer I still feel I should say it to somebody who seems to be younger than me. It is hard and unlikely to be financially successfull with this stuff, especially with poetry. You have a great style and I guess others will come to tell you that and will enjoy your literature. Still, for so much art in the world there is no market. Subculture and the internet will probably always give you a chance to present your art to an audience, but it seems like 95% of all artists are not stars and 94% have to earn money in a different way. Maybe the numbers are not exact, it's rather an exaggerated estimation, but not far from the truth when it comes to what I see. Being creative will be good for you, and there will definitely be people appreciating it, so you should continue, but don't forget to make safer plans for your future, too. Maybe you know all this already. I just have to say it, because if one doesn't know it, one puts oneself in a self-created trap. When I see how many people put their creative products on the internet, I guess the era of the stars is coming to an end. Who could filter out classics from this ocean of more and less artistic creativity? But I wish you the best and good luck with all artistic projects and maybe attempts to make something out of it.

  • I think this poem could do a good song, especially with some heavy twisted music in the background. It could be shouted out in fury or recited in whisper.

    If you would like your poetry being used in such way, you may want to give it a go. I don't know if you're into music. If not you could possibly write for some band. At least more chance for a profit...

  • My ex is a really good mixer, better than Trent Reznor, unfortunately he is very busy. Maybe I could entice him with money. Too bad he's taken and I can't entice him with my animalistic charms.

  • My ex is a really good mixer, better than Trent Reznor, unfortunately he is very busy. Maybe I could entice him with money. Too bad he's taken and I can't entice him with my animalistic charms.

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