Kloned Izanami indulging in Ayahuasca

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I always wanted to be the artist but I am lazy. Now all my time is focused on my career - so maybe a bit of art here will satiate that starved child artist. And the inner camwhore.

I have a neato wacom bamboo pad and am into doodling things.

So I then will attach things here later. Here is wishing your enjoyment.

Title: Wacom Fun 1 (Nov2009). 15834_100131880014147_100000520051185_1162_3313311_n.jpg


  • Yay, wacom tablets are so cool. I did the beginning of a comic entirely in photoshop using a wacom. (Unfinished 'cause the story got derailed, I'm starting from scratch).

  • I find the picture extremely beautiful and psychedelic in the best sense, it touches you inside. A half-hidden mandala - that's wonderful. On me it has an effect as strong as a mandala should have. To the equilibrating mandala effect is added a more Western tragic expression and a somewhat slighter quality of the occult mysterious. Focussing on the whole is as moving as focussing on details. That is damn good! Wow!

  • OK, I could have expected that. So maybe what I said is a case of gestalt psychology then. On the other hand, I guess you would agree that mandalas have an effect, and your picture seems similar to me.

  • Zeitl0ch,

    I agree that my picture has some similarities to a Mandala. Curiously I have never paid much attention to mandalas - usually the visualizations I use are more deity centric with all sorts of light rays coming and going from chakras with other deities in them etcetra. I see the traditional mandala drawing as more of a two dimensional representation, partially codified and obscured, to remind the practitioner of the visualization in question. I believe most of the details of the visualization of the stages of the practice are described in the generation of the deity section of the given Tantra or are found in the oral transmission and are not put to paper.

    But now I will have to look closer with a more open eye to the mandala depictions themselves. I am certain I have been missing out on something; it is usually the case.

    My image was intended to be more cathartic and the symbolism is directly related to a profound acid trip I had as a teen.

    But I digress and I believe that art is a relationship of interdependence: if I suggest or dictate too strongly I leave no room for the viewer to meet the work with their souls and that is a unhealthy relationship squeezed of the potential it may have had if the creator could have just let the viewer view.

    blah blah blah.

    Cosmic Regards, fgjh

  • For sure I agree with the cathartic aspects. I said something about it being tragic.This meets it in relation to drama theory, which I have researched a bit during screenwriting attempts. Good really dramatic, and that means cathartic films are good for the soul. Nightmares like "Leon" or "Lost Highway" have a direct link to Buddhism in that regard. There are clear techniques to achieve this, the film uninitiate would be surprsied how much strategy that is. And to come back to it, your image has got the qualities needed.

  • Looking at this artwork makes me think of a woods and sunrise experienced on psychedelics. The black and white strokes seem to me a trees, grass, shrubs and brunches whilst the mandala is a rising sun. There is some darkness in this art work, but it seems hidden. It is a very dynamic painting...

  • looks like my black and white cartoons dreaming about what color is like.

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