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Sea of Fiction

Sea of Fiction What is the truth, what is a fallacy? Our truth is but an island in the sea And fact and fiction, they are relative We only know this island where we live The cosmos are the inside of a box We're captives here, like junkies in detox We're prisoners within a concrete cell Reality, the bottom of a well The truth, the mundane dust we tread upon Is here, as if to say "all hope is gone" Our heartburn, huccups, and our hemorrhoids Remind us of our fate to be destroyed We must retain our virtues and abscond The endless sea of fiction lies beyond A sea beyond the lies we call the facts We mustn't hang forever on the racks This carnal falsehood dominating us Will yield when we explore our wanderlust And drown in endless tides of fantasy And Siren's song will be its reverie We'll brave the waves and claim our just reward We'll be to Q what Q was to Picard Without a world to tell us what is false We hear the waves, the sea of fiction calls Nu Wer Anexen Nu Wer Anexen

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