Killers of the Intelligent AISB

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Street Pizza

Street Pizza Three victims fell to RTD, three martyrs in one week And one of them was laying down, a gimme, so to speak Like party favours handed out, they offered themselves up Just like a snack upon the black, the asphalt ate them up Orgasmic moans and crunching bones was the last sound they made And cleanup zones on asphalt's stones were banquets for the shades Consumers fat like tumors all self righteously complained Now RTD must have its drivers rigorously trained I know to thoroughly assess the street before I cross Those dumb speedbumps were asking for it, it was no one's loss Unworldly and unwary, and decidedly unbright I bid them all a bon voyage, to the forgiving Light You are the gods of public transit, you must purge the weak Don't let the rules deprive you of the power that you seek Don't listen to the boss's drivel, have yourselves a ball And give the masses what they need, street pizza for us all!

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