Kissing Inanna indulging in Aquatic centipede

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KIA's Interesting Acronyms



  • The "Kommand making Introvert Alcoholics" reminds me a lot of the song "Welcome to the Fold" by Filter, of which I once pasted the lyrics into the wire. The chorus is exactly that thing. I love the song, it makes me feel terribly good when I'm in the right mood. See the lyrics here:

  • Krack Injected Azathoth.

  • Kindergarten Indra high on Awareness - jolly concept!

  • Klowns of the Imbolc in Awareness, kinda funny consider the day it is today!

    Anyway I could have sworn I had some entheogens around here somewhere. I just can't find it. Oh no! It must have been stolen by those 'Kleptomaniac Immortals consuming Ayahuasca'!

  • Kthulhoid Insectivores high on Acid...

  • Kiwi Invokers tripping on Ayahuasca!!! I would like to meet them! Oh, hang on a minute! That's suppose to be us!

  • I was tempted to cheat an look stuff up... But they came out pretty silly... If a little naive

    Kissing insightful aardvarks

    Kippering  insectoid      Aspidistra

    Keening in attics

    Kwack instead of Answering

    Knitting inside out Avatars

    Knocking inside locked Armouries

  • Kinky Insectivores tripping on Apples

  • Konical Israelites on Anarchy Kumquats In an Aquarium ... (still not useable..damnitt!)

  • non-Komformists Idolising Angels? Koffin-fodder initailising Antichrist? Ah...... this is difficult... :-D

  • Well trace, respect for actually making some up. Most of us were just quoting the random ones that appear at the top of the page that we found amusing. For example my current one is 'Kissing Ishana consuming Anarchy'.

  • Heeh!....Thank you, although I'm not sure I deserve it... For not knowing what you guys were doing! well, I gotta admit, the ones I made up are rather less intellectual! The one at the moment is.. Kabbalistic Ishana consuming Asana. Ok!.. I have to admit at this point, I only know what Kabbalistc means! :-D Kurtains Initiating Apathy... (and believe me, that is the truth!)

  • Kinky Ingrate Assholes.

  • Kweens tipsy on Illegal Advocart.

  • I like fenris's one! Kakes dangerously Illiterate on Acronyms Koiled Interesing Adders

  • Kinetic Iris sharing Apples Kleptomaniac Illegal Anansi

    *chuckle* could not resist posting these. took me a bit to find the thread, but did. LOL! not totally lost, I thinks )

  • No, it looks like you're finding your way around quite confidently.

    And the posts aren't lost either. I've even restored posts from even older forums that were missing in other recent versions of the KIA forums.

  • Kabbalistic Insectivores serving Azo

  • Krazy Iris tipsy on Acid

  • I understand some of them... I think perhaps I won't suggest any more.. as my previous attempts were rather more suited to the 'Beano'.

  • Ooops...Kalamitous Internet Accident!

  • Kings making Impish Aberrations

  • Kabbalists teaching Insectoid Adventurers

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