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At the moment I'm getting a lot out of Gnosticism both modern and classical. The modern development of Phildickian Gnosticism has lead some to begin to invent "Anarcho-Gnosticism", which I find really interesting. Jeremy Puma, owner of the Palm Tree Garden and writer of a few Gnostic books, identified the Twelve Anarcho-Gnostic Principles:

1. We are trapped within a Black Iron Prison, as described by Philip K. Dick. We also refer to this Prison as the Buddhist World of Forms, the Taoist Red Dust World, etc.2. This Black Iron Prison is an intricate network of Control Systems which exists to govern our freedoms.3. The Prison was established and is controlled by the Archons, entites whose ontological status is neither true, nor false. The Archons are both ultradimensional and interpsychological, and their servants can manifest as anything from ultraterrestrial entities to government officials to internal psychoses.4. Jesus Christ was one of the first and greatest Anarchists, in that through the medium of the divine Sophia and Christos, he taught us how to escape the Archons and the control systems they maintain.5. Jesus explained how to defeat the Archons using a mythological framework now referred to as Gnosticism. What we call gnosticism is actually a grammar, a language in which one participates.6. Gnosticism teaches that the best way to free ones self from the Archons is by learning how to avoid internalizing their Control Systems on an individual, personal level, not allowing the Control Systems to dominate ones internal experience. One does so by following the Path of Radical Questioning, the search for Authentic Meaning instead of Imaginal Meaning.7. The ultimate act of anarchism is to free ones self from the shackles of the Black Iron Prison through the medium of gnosis, direct and personal experience of the God. Gnosis is enlightenment, awakening and resurrection.8. AnarchoGnosticism is not a political philosophy. All political systems are part of the Black Iron Prison. However, AnarchoGnosticism, by its very nature, is extremely critical of what we refer to as civilization. Indeed, we hold that civilization itself is an external manifestation of Archonic Control Systems.9. AnarchoGnosticism is not an activist philosophy. Rather than try to change the minds of others, we focus on knowing ourselves and living well within our personal archetypes. AnarchoGnostics do not seek to lead or follow; we live, simply and openly. Should our example influence others, thats fine. Should we influence no one, or create no change in the world, thats fine, too. At least we will have lived Authentically.10. Our broadest societal focus is on compassion for all, and especially on the manifestation of compassion for those in our individual communities. We welcome and invite contribution and participation from everyone, no matter their individual predilections.11. The heart of AnarchoGnosticism is summarized by the Gnostics Vow:The Boundless Forms cannot be awakened:I vow to help awaken them.The Infinite Chain of Attainment cannot be escaped:I vow to escape it.The Limitless Questions cannot be asked:I vow to ask all of them.The Knowledge of Self and God cannot be attained:I vow to attain it.12. The Black Iron Prison does not exist.
I just thought i'd post this and let people chew over it.

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