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Adolf Hitler

Was Hitler an evil magician? He was probably just a crazy person. It is easy to picture him as the Choronzon, Darth Vader, or some dark lord with mystical powers.

I had an evil magic phase in my life so I can see someone going with it to the end.

Villains are often totaly machine minded. Maybe this could be a reply to transhumanism.


  • The final thing he achieved was provoking vengeance - the blind spot of every (real) sadist. Sadly some rhetoric by Nietzsche and the like makes some people blind to some facts. Until you don't believe reality more than words by Nietzsche you have not achieved much. Nietzsche also inspired some cool people because he wrote some brilliant things. But I transcend Nietzsche. I am not a slave to every word he wrote. I reserve the right to recognize in what points he was wrong. But Hitler was inspired by Nietzsche. And Nietzsche is a lot like cocaine. He makes some people assholes, others are immune to that effect. Interestingly some Nietzsche experts always managed to point out where Nietzschean sociopaths obviously didn't read Nietzsche thoroughly. But to me that's not even the point. Nietschean sociopaths usually don't see that they are hardly as indepedent of circumstances as Nietzsche pictures the ermensch. Hitler is a typical case. Only chance was the poison pill in the end. Now that's a case of incomplete perception. The Nazis were actually so stupid to make up the myth of German ancestors in Tibet first, and years later command the Heinrich Harrer expedition there to find out if the myth they had made up was true, I mean, hey... Hitler was a temporal member of the Thule society as I remember it, but I doubt they were able occultists. The Nazis actually persecuted most of those secret societies of the time whose ideas still have got an influence today and in some cases had centuries before the Third Reich - a blamage of the mind which lasted for twelve years back 65 years from now.

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  • I find this a loaded question. How do we define 'Evil' and how do we define 'Magician'? Besides the question proves difficult to phrase in E-Prime and that makes me feel suspicious of it.

    We say Evil means one whose actions deliberately lead to the suffering of others, and I guess in that sense Hitler would qualify. Such a definition would exclude those whose actions unintentionally lead to the suffering of others of course, but those we might better call them Ignorant, Misguided, Insane or something else depending on other factors.

    But definition of Magician might be harder to agree upon. I'm not particularly interested in crackpots like the Nazi's, so I haven't studied them in any great depth, but from what I understand Hitler was publicly critical of the occult and openly praised Christianity. Later as he came more into conflict with the church he attempted to promote his own racist version of christianity called, ironically enough 'positive christianity'. Later he abandoned even this condemning christianity, calling it 'the universalisation of the terrorism of religion that derives from Jewish dogma'. However in its place he simply urged people to worship Germany itself as a god, no more fanatical form of nationalism seemingly possible.

    This doesn't preclude his being influenced by some occult ideas, and clearly some occultists, especially pagan revivalists, have been very critical of monotheistic religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. I may have been myself in the past, although I feel myself to have moved beyond such prejudice now. Possibly Hitlers anti-semitism and racism derived in part from early 20th Century esoteric society ideas, and certainly some of his second in commands seemed a lot more interested in such things than he was.

    Lastly, just because someone has an interest in magic, or even a lot of knowledge on magical subjects, doesn't necessarily make them a great magician or a powerful one. Hitlers power derived mostly from politics rather than magic to my mind, as evidenced by his suicide once his political power came to an end. Further more, even a powerful magician can lack wisdom, if they do not know to what end to use their power.

    Like the old saying 'If the gods wish to destroy us, they need only give us what we want. Let us pray we receive what we need.'

    True wisdom comes from the ability to distinguish between need and want, and using your power to satisfy the former before indulging in the latter, and indulging in the latter only when it doesn't conflict with the former.

    Does Hitler ever look happy to you?

  • The antisemitism of particularly that time originated in local politics in Vienna (maybe around 1905-10, not quite sure) and quickly spread to academic circles there first. It's an awful thing. But it was like kind of a fashion first, first only resulting in things similar to gang fights. When the economic crisis (of I believe 1929) came, the fashion was still there and became pure TNT in Germany. By the time of WW II all the other countries must have seen that this antisemitism was pure madness, though it had been kind of an international fashion before. Again this is politics more than occultism. What had happened though shortly before the Thrid Reich was a dangerous mixture of pseudoscientific racial ideas with occult ideas. If occultists of today romanticize the Third Reich I think they are too blinded by the Nazis' tendency for pompous stuff. I don't think this had much to do with magical power. I repeat again that most important secret societies were persecuted by the Nazis, namely Rosicrucians, Freemasons, the Fraternitas Saturni, German knight orders and probably more which I don't know, don't know about Anthroposophists and Theosophists for example. I have got reasons to believe that some of those persecuted groups were really the keepers of several secrets. For those the Nazis had no respect. All in all it seems they were against every of the true mysteries trying to establish a kind of primitivity which couldn't even grasp what they were suppressing. They rather seemed afraid of every profound insight (also in science for a large part). I have no reason to believe that the Nazis own order-like structures were more than mimicry of orders which included real magicians.

  • JOKE: Does Godwin's Law still apply in a debate about Hitler? -

  • JOKE: Does Godwin's Law still apply in a debate about Hitler? -

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