Kweens making Infek Akkadians

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Wisdom Of Crocodiiles

Movie about a sissy hypochondric doctor (Jude Law) living in the hippest of possible beatnik worlds (is it London or Paris?) with his hidden agenda of being a serial killer and faking his way through society to solve his own health and pecking order problems. In all of his stylishness the protagonist is a neat but gloomy parody of the rather insane youngsters who believe they are into the occult. Just that they are never that good looking. What I like about this film is its existential situationism in most dramatic scenes. The romantic aspects of this piece are rather honest and the whole movie is shocking enough for a good thriller. What is of most value in the movie are the Asian wisdoms you can hear the characters saying. This movie is recommended as deadly poison for protagoniste-identificateurs.

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