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Shikasta by Doris Lessing

My mom had this old book from the late seventies, which always seemed odd to me. I remember I attempted to read it as a young teenager and didn't get what it's about. Now I have grabbed that book - Shikasta, thinking I should by now be able to read it and it seems interesting, might be something for you as well. I haven't read very far yet, so can't give a summary. But it is an odd late seventies phenomenon: sci-fi with elements of von Daniken pre-astronautics. I find it kind of resembles Dune, though I have never managed to read much of the Dune series. And so far I find it easier to read than Dune. It tells just as much of a giant meta-story, but doesn't keep the reader stuck in details like sitting-in-a-room-when-someone-comes-in-episodes. Some of the contents are very similar to part-esoteric-part-sci-fi motives that Jane Roberts had published before Shikasta came out. The official influence for this is said to be Sufism in Doris Lessing's case. The publication of Shikasta was kind of a brave act for Doris Lessing, for she dared to publish sci-fi as someone with the reputation of being a sophisticated author. Well, but in 2007 she won the nobel prize for literature. Nice person, I find, being such a free thinker. Shikasta is only the first part in a series of books. Have any of you read it already?

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