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"The Company of Wolves" and Magick

The film is a little older, so many of you might know it.

I believe that this film is a strong trigger for magic, in case the viewer is sensitive enough for it. Watching it attentively has preceded some of the greatest magical results I have produced. In any of the cases I was also regularly meditating at the time. This is not as irrational as it may seem. Films can be similar to rituals. The basic dramatic structure of almost any film contains the viewer establishing a certain degree of either identificiation or sympathy with a character, so kind of a magical link with an element of the film. That character is then confronted with different situations so that the object of the magical link is going through energetic changes. The degree in which this can touch the viewer depends on the very storyline of the film and the interest of the viewer. Interpreting "The Company of Wolves" likely leads to very Freudian ideas. And I can't quite explain why this of all things can trigger magic so well. If I'd give an interpretation here it couldn't substitute watching the film anyway. In my experience it looks very much like the film is a strong magical trigger. My advice would be: establish a solid practice in meditation (alike Buddhist meditation or Liber MMM) if you haven't, make your goals clear, refine beliefs, chances of the results etc., then watch "The Company of Wolves" in one session and with awareness, then afterwards meditate and just go for it. I bet this way you get what you want. It worked extremely well for me if it wasn't just coincidence. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

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