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Big Man Japan (film)

OK, I start yet another media thread. I have just seen how many I started. But I hope some of my recommendations are good and that you find you like what I recommend. I currently watch many films again, and here's another one that stood out. I hope the title "Big Man Japan" is correct. It took me a little time to find out an English title. You know the original Godzilla films and similar films with giant monsters, I guess. Interesting that the Japanese themselves come up with a parody of this genre. But it's fascinating anyhow, how multi-faceted Japanese media are for the size of the country. The film starts pretty much like a Jim Jarmush film, with traces of Wim Wenders thrown in - a fake documentary about some stoic, lonely weirdo in Japan with melancholic settings, slow, long scenes and dialogues with just a little bit of deadpan humour. It goes on like this for quite a while until the guy suddenly gets a phone call that he gets another mission, then another long scene where he rides his little motor bike to a power plant (funnily "Transformatorstation" in the German version) where he's then changed into a silly-looking but muscular giant in a very monumental looking scene. Then comes his first fight against a monster. You couldn't describe these monster fights, you gotta watch it, they look so rurreal and annoying it's wonderful. The film goes on with the documentary about the guy's sad everyday life in turns with the annyoing monster fights, until near the ending the monster fights become more frequent and reach a rarely seen level of surreal humor. It's an absolutely wonderful and unique kind of film. I have rarely seen such rigorous irony in Western media. The film is ironic of everything related to it, from the country Japan to special effects. The irony of the film is so intense as if the film itself is just trying to throw itself away. Surprises for the eye and many very good laughs!

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