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New Rose Hotel (the film)

Until recently I wasn't even aware that this film existed. Now I have watched it. It's based on William Gibson's short story of the same name. The director is Abel Ferrara who you might know. I found this film quite good. It's less cyberpunk than film noir. And it is a film which can hurt a little, but we recently mentioned the catharsis effect, and so if you bite your teeth together watching it, you'll definitely feel better and reliefed afterwards. That's what such films are about. What I totally dig about the film is the constellation of actors. The main characters are played by Asia Argento, Christopher Walken and Willem Dafoe. I mean these people have got a presence, it just blows you away. These three actors together, that's like a tank rolling over you. The plot is a little like WTF?-absurd, everything is dark and full of pressure, even the erotic scenes in the film have got this unpleasantness to them. There are also painful dramatizations of boredom in the film. And the film is also in some way a meditation on itself, yes the film meditates on itself near the ending. But going through the experience of watching this makes you breathe much more freely afterwards. I decided I should watch more Abel Ferrara films, had just seen a few which I really like, this one convinced me I must check out more.

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