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The 69 Eyes

I've mentioned (in another thread) that I've bought new records and I didn't only buy gypsy music. I also bought Blessed Be by The 69 Eyes. It's not their latest record but I've read that it is somehow repesentative of their sound.Well, The 69 Eyes. A good thing to describe them is the following: If the Sisters Of Mercy are about cheap thrills then The 69 Eyes are about even cheaper thrills. They actually sound a lot like the Sisters, although I heard they started out as a garage rock band. Now they are gothic. And their music is gothic ROCK, not just gothic rock. I am actually not that much of a goth (No, "I want more" ) but from time to time I need sounds like that. You know I love melancholy, I guess you know what I mean. I just often like the ideas of gothic musicians a lot but think they often don't quite make it, don't quite manage to express what it really could be. So, if i like something gothic it must be among the best in this genre. Of course that could still be a matter of debate. So I thought maybe the fact that I like The 69 Eyes might indicate quality. if it helps you, I'll tell you what I do like and don't, I like Fields Of The Nephilim, Type O Negative, sometimes I like The Cure (especially Disintegration), I like Die Einstzenden Neubauten (although I don't think they're just gothic). I don't like HIM, Evanescence, Moonspell or The Rasmus (although I don't think they're just gothic).But back to the cheap thrills: maybe you shouldn't be snobish or your snobism shouldn't be so limited as to not believe in irony anymore, for I think actually naming songs "Gothic Girl" or "Brandon Lee", as The 69 Eyes do, can be great. And I think they can afford to. It's just a matter of the quality of their music. And their music just sounds perfect to me. Maybe there's more sophisticated music *hyperventilatinghysterically?* but it's atmospheric, technically brilliant and it ROCKS! So maybe this is something for some of you.Greetings,Zeitl0ch

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