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Inside the Church of Satan

I watched the documentary "Inside the Church of Satan" last night. It was done by a serious journalist, obviously not having ways of making a too professional film. Camera and concept look a bit trashy, but still, it is a terribly good documentary. What's interesting is that the personality of the filmmaker was a reason for Church of Satan officials to trust him to let him film an in depth look at their practices, and also beliefs, which are explained in interviews with members. I mean there are many prejudices everywhere about the Church of Satan and Laveyan Satanists. And actually to get rid of those most people shold just go and read "The Satanic Bible". That was always pretty easy, because it's available on the book market, published by on ordinary publisher, and just plain available. Nowadays there are even several free PDF versions of it. That makes it even easier. It's not even a thick book, but still for those too lazy to read it, I recommend this documentary. When I've read "The Satanic Bible" it was out of curiosity, wanted to know what this is really about. The most astonishing thing about reading it was maybe that I could subscribe to most of its contents, which makes me kind of a Satanist. And this film is likely to produce the same effect in viewers. You basically see Satanists do things that everybody loves in this film. There might be some twists involved where you think that that's really not the thing you want, but really consider what is shown, and consider the context.

It's a fuckin' good alternative to reading the "Satanic Bible" when you wanna know what Satanism - the LaVeyan brand is really about. And it's fun to watch.

Now, why do I not join now directly? Most important reason is I don't have the hundred bucks handy, or rather I see more fun ways of spending 'em. Another reason is, several paradigms are ones in which I find a lot of what is me and what I can do. Presently I couldn't decide which on of those would be thee religion to "officially" accept for myself. Still a chaote in that regard, maybe.

Whatever! Hail Satan!

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