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PaganCon Preston 2 July 2011

Just thought I would mention that I'm doing a ritual creation workshop at PaganCon Preston this year. It's always a good event, so if you're anywhere near Lancashire in July, do drop in and say hello.

Damh the Bard is playing too, always worth a trip.

~ Jaq


  • Thanks Anton, it looks really good! It's a shame I am going to a bike rally the same weekend. (coz that's what my friends are into) It would be really awesome if at sometiem we could meet each other. (I am sure this has happened a few tiems in the past.) It's a shame that I probably would have a hard tiem getting to venues that I am really wanting to go to. Although, I have not tried didn't occur to me. until now.... :-D

  • Well I have no plans to attend the Preston meeting this time around myself either. But I'll keep you posted of any events I do plan to attend. Also, let me know if you ever plan to attend anything in the Bristol/Bath area, as maybe we could meet then. We sometimes also hang out in Edinburgh, Krakow and Plymouth due to family.

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