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The Witcher

I was persuaded to play this game a while ago now, My son reckoned I would like it, although I'm not all that good at a lot of games. It was really good!.. and ho only had to help me two or three tiems! Now the Witcher 2 is out, but I can't play that one, because my computer won't run it. It looks even better though.


  • I have never played the game but as a teenager I was a big fan of the books. I haven't read them since then, so I am not sure if I would still like them. I remember them as a dark fantasy with lots of humoristic and erotic threads.

  • Yeah, the game is just like that, Hippi. It's darkly humerous.. and apparently the second one is just as amusing.. Although it seems thst its more erotic than the first one. The opening and ending animation in the first game was the same guy that did the cathedral. (link below, if you have not already seen it.) I will have to check out Amazon, I'd like to read the books.

    Thomek Baginski

  • I have seen the Cathedral before, it is great . As regards the books, I think there are 9 books in total and it is important to read them in the right order. I am personally tempted to read them again now but i don't have my own copies- in the past i lent them from the school mate I hope you will enjoy!

  • Thank you Hippi, I'm sure I will.. If I ever get around to looking for them. I will try to suss out the order in which they need to be read, although there may be an indication somewhere. Maybe the first one will turn up, that tends to happen when I feel I want to read a book. A week or two should do it.

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