Kore working with Ipecac Apophis

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Hey.One more thing. I was checking out the KIAwiki page and even made a new user. A problem I immediately noticed is that in the preferences page all the font is white. I can see the spaces for inputing data, but the headers telling me what those spaces are for can only be seen if I highlight the page...Cheers!-Te23


  • on 1178437296:
    Thanks. If you were to set it up for me, which sounds great, what wld I have to do to use this address ? / retrive my messages or send mail from this adress?( obviously EVERYONE by now has gathered I.T isnt my strong point! )
    You would either have to log in to a website to use it, like your gmail account that you never use. Or you would have to add it to your email client (outlook or thunderbird) so that it arrives in your inbox.

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