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Calls for moderation, banning etc...

Something zeezsh said set me thinking. Actually I have long thought that KIA needed decentralising and have made repeated attempts to change things in that direction but zeezsh's continued attacks and accusations against me made me realise this really needs action.

For blogs, I would like to propose that: a) Blog authors have the right to moderate comments on their own blogs to their own tastes. b) Additional moderation requires concensus as per forum rules (see below):

For forum posts, I would like to propose that: a) All calls for moderation or banning be made publicly as a new thread in the 'issues' board. b) That as the one wielding the power to actually moderate, I be banned from making calls for moderation. Possibly I should attempt to remain a neutral party in the discussion to reach consensus, and should be excluded from blocking consensus on such issues. c) That the accuser and accused also be excluded from blocking consensus. d) That if consensus appears unblocked for a certain period of time, the comment can be hidden. After a further period of time it gets deleted permanently. e) That a call for ban initially places the author under moderation if consensus is reached for a certain amount of time, with a full ban enacted after a yet further period if consensus remains. f) Once banned a user needs consensus to rejoin.


  • All sounds as fair as you could get..

  • Yes. I think this will be a very good way of dealing with such issues. At least no one will have any reason to feel they are being censored.

  • The only thing I haven't thought through is the period of time. I would suggest that after someone posts a call for moderation/banning, KIABot must first send notifications to affected parties (ie all those that participated in the thread/comments where a call for moderation has been made), and after that consensus needs participation of at least 5 members. Once KIABot notices a consensus they can post it on the thread, listing those members he thinks has voted. This means if he misunderstood anyone or missed someone out they have a chance to correct him. After a week, if consensus remains, posts get moderated, and KIABot should post on the thread the update made. After a month the delete can be made if consensus still remains.

    This would mean posts can be hidden if a quick consensus is reached that they need to be, but leaves the option open of restoring them for a while if consensus is broken. I'd suggest a month is suitable time for waiting for an unblocked consensus.

    Also, I'm really just sounding out an idea at this point, looking for feedback, possible flaws in the idea etc.

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