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Changes to the website

Current situation: I develop, fix bugs and add features to this website pretty much as I please. This probably grants me too much power, even if we were to reach consensus on me not being able to call for moderation or act without consensus in moderation/banning issues.

Proposed solution: a) I finish getting the new site working (ie integrate the beta) and move it to the main kiamagic.com domain b) Continue to use the beta for testing new features c) For small uncontroversial new features I can just implement on beta and if it works move it over to live. d) For significant changes I propose a system of obtaining consensus with currently active users. e) Users should also be able to propose changes, although I think I should be able to block consensus the same as everyone else on this because some features that are nice to have may prove too time consuming to implement (ie I may need to block consensus for a feature that I actually would like). Of course if anyone is skilled enough to create plugins for buddypress, wordpress or bbpress to implement the requested features, or knows where we can get one for free (or is willing to pay for us to use a proprietary plugin), then I'd be willing to check those out on the beta like any other plugin.


  • I dunno if it's just me being daft, but I can't work the dashboard very well. I can post text no probs, but when I try to add a pic from the library, it doesn't wanna know. I just get a blank page. I have tried it on the laptop too, (just in case it was the iPod being an arse.) But it's just the same, the laptop still runs xp, I dunno if that may be why. Thanks Anton.

  • There have been some reported problems on the dashboard side. I've tried reverting the site to the default theme to see if I'd accidentally messed things up, but it was still broken. Strangely it still works for me on some computers, but not all. I don't know why.

    Ultimately I'd love to just program KIA from scratch and not worry about configuring these third party software's. But I'm a little ways off being able to do that because of time restraints.

  • Yeah, I've tried posting both a video I've uploaded to this site and a YouTube one, to no avail. The 'Add Video' icon doesn't work when I click on it, neither does the 'Add Media'.


  • @nekospecial, I corrected a video embed of yours to use the [youtube quicktag instead of [video. I really don't know why the normal video embed isn't working or why some other aspects of the wordpress dashboard are fucked up. I may at this stage just go ahead and install wordpress on the main kia domain and see if I can get things working over there, then transfer everything over...

  • Has the chat option been taken away? I thought I would try again...see if I could cope with it on the iPod .. bur it appears it's gone, unless I am not looking in the right place. :-D

  • The chat option caused a bug and I couldn't fix it. I think I'll need to write my own version.

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