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Forum Improvements

Since moving to bbpress 2.0, we lost some features. I may have been premature in migrating to 2.0 because of this, but overall this forum software allows for tighter integration with the rest of the site, so we finally have a fully integrated activity stream with latest posts and replies.

There are still some annoyances. Older forum posts used bbcode, but this currently isn't supported in the new forum which favours use of actual html. This does mean however that bbcode markup has become visible in older posts making them look a bit ugly. I will be looking at making them display better given time. For now however I have added a toolbar that provides shortcuts for creating html markup, and adding smilies. I will improve the smilies later to use ones we once had available in the forums.

You can now also add attachments to posts.


  • Shortly I will be updating the activity filter selection to work with the forum as it seems broken at present.

  • Okay I fixed the activity stream to be able to filter on forum posts and replies, and added the ability to filter wiki edits while I was at it. And just for good measure I made it so that you can select multiple activity types at the same time rather than just one or all...

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