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Forum reorganisation continues

As you can probably see if you are looking, the forum continues its reorganisation, but still needs more work to become usuable. This is however a priority for KIA at the moment. But are all ideas for reorganisation equal?

Forum reorganisation poll.
  1. Matching the forum structure to the main subsite map?3 votes
    1. Good idea.
    2. Not sure.
    3. Bad idea.


  • Whatever happens it would be best for things to match up as much as possible. So if that means matching the forum to the site or the site to the forum, either way whatever is more slick. I also think keeping things simple is a good idea. Move away from labyrinthine.

  • Well we now have categories that match the 9 colour sub-sites, plus one for the UFO magic sub-site. Each has a sticky thread explaining the topics covered, and an invitation to post blogs on the related sub-site. These sticky posts can be edited as and when we need.

    It would also be good to have sticky threads in the other categories, although these would not necessarily relate to sub-sites. General discussion might have a general site description, with invitation to post on the main blog, and contribute to the wiki. The private Agents Discussion category might contain links to participation in egregore related projects. Introductions, Announcements, Issues and Events may have sticky threads, but no links to subsites.

    Anyway, before official launch, in addition to those sticky threads, all I feel is really needed is some css style improvements (particularly the way quotes are displayed) and getting the attachment plugin working. Other things to do, such as making the forum colour match the related colour magic in appropriate categories, can happen after launch.

  • Well, it seems image attachments are now working nicely. They even give a preview before you finish posting the comment!

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