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Relax! Feel at home!

Here in the forums we welcome silliness, joking around, trickster behaviour and even friendly trolling! Of course, you this needn't exclude serious discussion, but feel free to let your hair down. Unless you are bald. In which case kick up your heels. Unless you're an amputee, in which case make merry. Unless you're a recoving alcoholic, in which case, frolic, gambol, kibitz, trifle or whatever. You get the idea. I hope...

Website structure

This website has grown a lot in the last 14 years. So its not surprising its got a little labyrinthine. Still, we are currently reorganising in a big way, with the aim to make it a lot easier to get what you are looking for, and a lot has already been done. These notes will help you understand the structure, which will make things a lot less confusing.

The first concept to understand is that this website actually multiple different software packages.

  • Wordpress This powers the home page of the website. This lists some of the most recent blog posts. From here you can access the blogging area of the website, follow other bloggers, add other agents as 'friends', and even start your own blog on a KIA subsite. More technically minded agents might be interested to know that this part of the site uses Wordpress multisite and Buddypress software.

  • MediaWiki The 'Wiki' link in the top menu takes you to the main page of the KIAwiki project. Any link that contains in the url will also take you to part of the wiki. These pages are collaboratively edited, sort of like wikipedia, only with the aim of providing a useful resource on magical practise, rather than an encyclopedia. Single sign on is kinda broken on this part of the site, but you can log in with the same username and password you use on the main site.

  • Vanilla We use Vanilla Forums software to power these forums. This is the more relaxed part of the website where we can discuss things without the glare of appearing on the homepage limelight. We can post silly stuff, or more controversial topics than we feel comfortable with on the blogs. We can ask awkward questions and feel free to not know the answers. Theoretically you can do all that in the blogs, but I've noticed it tends not to work that way. The forums also offer a useful place for agents to talk in private, as most of the boards can only be viewed by registered agents. For example, if you post a blog on the blue magic site, it will be public and non agents can leave comments. If you post in the blue magic forum however, only registered KIA agents can read and respond.

Forum structure

Okay, but what about the forums? Well the structure here is simple. We have a number of boards linked to the main community boards. 9 of these relate to the Colours of Magic.

In summary the colours are:

  • Black magic - Death, the dead, ancestors, bereavement, loss, Saturn, old age, limitation, loss.
  • White magic - Psyche, the mind, the subconscious, Neptune, mysticism, psychology.
  • Green magic - Love, attraction, empathy, compassion, Venus, plants, herbs, environmentalism.
  • Blue magic - Play, pleasure, hedonism, joy, Jupiter, wealth, expansion, generosity, luxury.
  • Purple magic - Sex, fertility, creativity, sexuality, the Moon, imagination, art, music, inspiration.
  • Yellow magic - Ego, glamour, outward appearance, the Sun, confidence, charisma, laughter.
  • Red magic - War, defence, protection, magical combat, Mars, food, animals, animal rights, politics, revolution.
  • Orange magic - Work, thinking, wits, problem solving, Mercury, tricksters, trade, theft.
  • Octarine magic - Magic itself, magical power, magical systems, maps of magical reality.

The other relates to UFOs, ETs, cryptids etc.

If you aren't sure where to post something, just post it in General discussion. We can always move it later.

Registering as a KIA Agent

We have many interesting (and silly :-P) discussions on the public boards, blogs and wiki of this site. Feel free to browse and read at your leisure. You don't need to sign up, but doing so will

  • Gain you access to the Classified forums.
  • Enable you to comment.
  • Enable you to blog on many of the community sites.
  • Start your own personal blog on a subdomain.

To sign up, use the registration code 'Hail Eris' on the Registration page.

Getting started as a KIA Agent

Once you've registered, you will find much useful information about getting started on the site on our Getting started on blog post.

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