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KIA's Interesting Acronyms

If you see a good acronym and wish to share them, do so in this thread so we can collect them for posterity. Some have already been posted on the wire, but they will drop off eventually, so I'll reproduce them here. Also, feel free to make some up that you like... -

Zeitl0ch posted "Kamadeva Infected with Ayaba! ROFL!" on the wire (3 days ago) Zeitl0ch posted "Ha! Komputer Imitated by Atum-Ra!" on the wire (7 days ago) Count Anton posted "Killer Intercourse Aeons! rofl" on the wire (11 days ago) Zeitl0ch posted "Wow! Khepri Information Ag" on the wire (11 days ago) Feather posted "ROFL! Kali Infernal Activists" on the wire (12 days ago) Feather posted "LOL, I like the one for the wiki! Kaotic Information Aethers Yes!" on the wire (13 days ago) Feather posted "Key to the Independent A.'.A.'. LOL!" on the wire (13 days ago) Count Anton posted "Kingdom of Infected Agents, lol" on the wire (16 days ago)



  • Knights of the Illuminati Alchemists

  • Koronzon Immortal Adepts & Kissing Infected Amon!

  • Kore of Idiotic Adepts

    this one is really funny!

  • Krazy I-Ching Adventure

  • Kommunity of the Intercourse Awareness

  • Kronos Insane Actor

  • Ja, das ist sie, die Kommunity of the Infected Austrian!

  • I like this one, seems very appropriate

    Kindred Independent Adepts

  • ROFL !

    Klones of the Individualist Adepts

    does anyone sense the irony?

  • Kain Informed AOS - but about what? And certainly a detail of mythology I didn't know before.

  • Kabbalistic Initiated Arithmeticians well...hmm... not so sure it applies to me...

  • Kundalini Idolatry Actress & Kaballist Illegal on Acid!

  • Karnal Intelligent Alcohol - That's what I have been waiting for all my life!

  • Knights indulging in Internal Apples

    Knights gulping Industrial Absinth

    (hmmm, 'e' missing.....)

  • Killer Iris on Acid!!!!!!!!!! > I am afraid!

  • Kool Isolde high on Awareness - It could be Ramones song, don't you think?

  • Kinky Intoxicated Asana - pretty much a typical example of contemporary occult practice? LOL

  • Knights learning from Immortals teaching Austrian - most sensible order ever!

  • Kommunity sacrificing to Intelligent uncle Al - wait until the press finds out about us! Well, he's our intelligent uncle, he deserves it!

  • Kool Invisible Alco-pops - now, that's something to get over alcoholism, you can't drink, because you don't even find your drink. LOL

  • Kretinous Inanna high on Apples

  • Kommunity of Ithuriel AK47s - that's one I really like personally... because there's a local punk club called AK47.. actually in our area the major focus point of punk get-togethers... I've had a lot of fun there already and attended great live gigs.. the beginning of my short film "Time Travel" was shot there... so really cool that this shows up!

    I've never put much emphasis on calling myself Punk, but it was funny last week when a friend of mine didn't let loose trying to nail me down on it until we finally both admitted, that I am a Punk - then we listened to Metal and Comedy and praised Existentialism LOL! There's plain masculine love between me and members of the local scene (women too). They are so proud of how open and cultural the scene always was around here, the art students were always part of it, and the story goes that this was the only city where punks, skins and mods partied on the same street WITHOUT streetfights around 1980, so it's special, there's no way around it here.

  • Kabal of the Illogical Alabamans - Mountain Mama!

  • Kabbalah Infused Anarchists.

  • Kabal making Illuminati high on Apples


    I Like this one, lol !


  • Knackish Illuminates learning from Adventure - now, if that's not esoteric...

  • Klan guarding Impish Avatars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the one!!! Mine is a little impish for sure!

  • korporate Isis tipsy on Advocaat!!!

  • Kommunication with Innovative Arseholes...

  • Kommand making Introvert Alcoholics - like "Shut up, get a drink and think about yourself!"?

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