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Look and feel

Well, I've got the forum back up, but I probably need to work on its look and feel.

A bit ugly right now me thinks...


  • Well, it's a whiles on from the initial comment, but as I have had a look at it recently on my baby laptop, it looks very sexy indeed! ... I would like to thank our host very much for being so patient with sorting out the mobile version for me, as it's really the only way I can get a bit of peace while I check out what all you rather neat folks have been up to... I love my lot very much, but I just know that I couldn't explain why I am often reading stuff on here.. I am not good at interacting really, although I love to. I really don't know what it would be like right now without KIA ! thank you.

  • Well, I will get back to fixing the few things that still don't work properly on the mobile version. I came across a few more issues on my phone, so I know that I'm not finished with this yet...

  • Many thanks @anton, I really do appreciate it. and I know that you have a lot of other stuff to do. (we still need to find that very sheepish emoticon, I need it again now!) (-)

  • I wanted to ask @anton, (and here seems the right place, for a change!) .has the veiw of recent comments to blogs gone, or is it not showing up on the pod? I found it very useful, as I nearly always forget to tick the email follow up.

  • <-- does that one suit? (Sheepish icon)

    As for view of recent comments, these do appear in the activity stream and you can limit that to just comments using the selector. On the other hand I have been attempting to work out the correct arrangement of sidebar widgets, and which pages they should appear on. Possibly a question I should raise on

  • Goof idea @anton. I am not at all sure that what looks best on the pod... looks best on the real site. I would say not... at a guess, although the general configuration of the later stages of the beta site seemed to work great on both. I have noticed that there is a view of recent comments now, thank you @anton. I was just wondering if I was capable of working out how to find the activity stream... I'm not sure I could even find the Thames!

  • Ps.. I only just noticed the question about the sheepish icon... er Alan is acting up again, I can only see a question mark. Sorry @anton , I'll look on the laptop tommorow, see if it shows on there.. (been to Halloween party, not slept since night before last.. interesting effects!)

  • Actually no that one broke for me also. I uploaded some new animal emotes such as and and I thought I'd got the sheep also, but I somehow failed to get it uploaded. I'll see if I can get it found again and fix it...

  • Hmm even the cat and mouse ones aren't working. I'll have to look into this later. Its Samhain and I'm busy...

  • Thank you. a happy and inspired Samhain @anton .

  • ooh.. and thank you for fixing my poor devil/scared emote, i shoulda known that there is no such thing!

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