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Is Chaos Magic an Addiction?

Following from the blog: Nature of Addiction Could we perceive chaos magic as a coping mechanism, an addiction (positive or negative) resulting from the capitalist system? Do you think that chaos magic is a response to dislocation, a new way of building spirituality to replace the traditional models or is it a desperate attempt at clinging to the old?


  • There might be something to it.I just read the article below and I wonder what everyone else thinks about it.

    Since I belong to the GYPSY generation above I can't help noticing in myself the patterns they described in Lucy. It is interesting to see that our whole generation is built of people who feel special and entitled to everything they want. On the other hand we are not willing to work hard and long enough to achieve our goals. I see that clearly on the example of my band I played in few years ago. I was in my early 20ties back then, so a typical Lucy from the above article. I believed we were going to become famous and I was expected everyone to fall in love with my music instantly. I couldn't stand any criticism and I assumed that those who said I had lots of work ahead of me were just stuck up losers.I believed that I found a shortcut to the success and this shortcut was the use of magic. The whole thing didn't work nearly as quickly and easily as I wanted it to and finally I gave up. We had some personal problems in the band among other reasons, so it wasn't just the time factor that put me off but the main pattern was Lucy-like. If I really wanted to play in the band I would have found other ways.

    Overall our whole generation suffers from the obsession of shortcuts. We want everything quickly and effortlessly. It is interesting to see that chaos magic has a similar feeling to it. Whilst other magic systems required years of long practice, chaos magic allows you to achieve things quickly and easily. You don't need any long training to start practising.

    Now the question I would like to ask you all is following: do you think that we are just a bunch of spoiled lazy kids or do you think that like supposed year 2012 prediction claims the time actually sped up, our thoughts materialise a lot easier and things that were impossible in the past are possible now?

    Either way I believe that: on one hand we should lower our expectations and accept the fact that perhaps we are not as talented and unique as we would like to believe on the other hand we should still have a courage to dream and try to fulfil our dreams. Even if it takes lots of time and effort.

  • just to clarify something- when I said "we are just a bunch of spoiled lazy kids" I didn't mean Kia members or chaos magicians but rather a generation we're part of.Also apart from time speeding version of events there is also another explanation for the fact some things are possible now which weren't possible before. I believe that human race slowly evolves towards the better more enlightened version of a society. Still it is worth realising that the system we live in now doesn't provide a space for a satisfying and fulfilling life. Our overblown expectations of having well paid and interesting jobs might in fact be a result of the capitalist and consumerist mentality imposed on us by the media. Until very recently i haven't put this two things together but now I see a huge discrepancy in my own and many other magicians' way of thinking. So: on one hand we all know that system is corrupted and it doesn't serve individual best interest but on the other hand we believe that we can somehow find a good place for ourselves within that system. We believe that by the use of magic we can somehow trick the system into making us wealthy whilst at the same time giving us a permission to live lives that openly oppose its value. On top of that we expect that realisation of that trick should be quite smooth and easy because... because what? Because we deserve it of course. Lucy's mentality straight there. And then we get upset when our genius plan doesn't work out. How many time have you heard a magician claim to be a "hacker of reality"? I don't doubt it is possible to succeed sometimes only one thing to remember is that the most successful hackers of reality are the ones on top of the society. The ones who impose their will onto us.

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